Industrial Design, the Trends and Changes

Dear Millimeter Community.

Paradigm changes are happening. Smart factory based technologies are rising as the world is shifting from asset security to cybersecurity.
Customized production, digital labor, productivity innovation, hyper-connectedness, and advanced materials can now be seen easily.

Today, we would like to share some examples of the change in paradigm.

1. Universial Design
Light Bell is a doorbell concept design for the physically and socially disadvantaged. Designed for people with presbycusis or hearing impairment, when the doorbell is pressed from the outside, light is triggered through a Bluetooth-connected light bulb with an alarm sound to inform visitors. It informs by triggering light for about five times repeatedly.

2. Miniature Devices that can produce products
Kniterate is a 3d printer device that can produce personalized knitwear. After selecting threads according to user preference, users select patterns and images made with software program Photoshop, and can produce a variety of items such as knit sweaters, shoes, hats, socks, etc. It can be seen to be environmentally friendly because there is no fabric left after production.

3. Personalized Smart System
Modiface is a beauty application that combined augmented reality technology with beauty. Modiface suggest products or management methods suitable for individuals by simulating makeup and by tracking skin, facial features. It checks the user’s skin tone to recommend a suitable product and show the consumer the expected appearance after using the product. It supports not only simple face makeup but also overall beauty care for users such as hair color etc. Users can choose which makeup suits best, including eyebrow color and shape, lipstick color, lens color, and eyeliner shape.

As such, there are changes happening in various industries.
Smart technology is being introduced to industries, and is expected to have good results.

Millimeter is following the trend shift to with the passion to lead the change in paradigm!

3D printing is being used in various industries including bio, construction, food, fashion and commercial goods etc.

Here are some of the examples of 3D printing used in various industries.





Commercial Goods

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