Introducing Makers Market

Dear Millimeter Community.
Today, we would like to introduce the Makers Market Platform briefly.

The “Makers Market” platform will establish a reliable and solid community to provide stable services. We believe this will lead to the establishment of a sound and healthy E-data trading ecosystem.

The “Makers Market” platform can prevent excessive brokerage fees or commission fees, by directly matching designers, planners, users and consumers.

When the creator first provides their drawings to the platform, a smart contract for the intellectual property rights of the product is executed. It is very safe since contracts are created by transaction and registration information. Also, anyone can check whether the ownership and license of data is changed in a decentralized environment.

Furthermore, within the “Makers Market” platform, there is a community where E-data providers and users can communicate with one another freely. The community will have high quality trading system by coexisting with data creators, by providing useful tools to make industrial and design including CAD, easily transacted.

In addition, the MMWP system will be introduced within the community. The more useful materials users provide, the more rewards users can receive. We expect MMWP to prove the reliability and influence of the works shared within the community.

Millimeter will thrive to create a stable and healty community within the ‘Makers Market’ Platform.

We will also provide wallets and C2C tabs within the platform, and we will go deep into this in the next post!

Stay updated and don’t miss any of our updates!

We have much more information to share with you guys!

Official Webpage
Official Community
Telegram(Global) :
Twitter :




Millimeter is a drawing CAD NFT production and trading platform project.

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Millimeter is a drawing CAD NFT production and trading platform project.

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