Millimeter DApp Architecture

Dear Millimeter Community,
Today we would like to share our DApp architecture.

The MM DApp network must be in a decentralized environment, and transactions made within the Makers Market Platform must be secure and verifiable for both creators and buyers.

The storage must be distributed and all digital transactions with transactional data must be encrypted and stored. MM Tokens use IPFS Protocol and Cloud DB for secure data storage.

The process of verifying that the data contributed by the creator via the Makers Market Platform is proper and correct is also included. These conditions can be realized by using smart contract and possibly in the future, machine learning technology as well.

To realize a transaction between users and creators, each module is composed of independent modules. In the path of the creator module and the Makers Market Platform module, a legal verification step is performed, which can prevent copyright infringement.

The Makers Market Platform module processes the upload if E-Data and stores the file on the IPFS Network. As a web client, MM DApp will be developed for each operating system since the launch of Mobile and the Web Wallet

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Millimeter is a drawing CAD NFT production and trading platform project.