Millimeter: Glipmse of the Market Status

Saying Hi to December!

November passed quickly, and now December has started.

Millimeter is doing best to build the ‘Makers Market’ platform, using blockchain technology.
The goal of the ‘Makers Market’ platform is to protect data copyrights and build a healthy industrial data ecosystem for the 4th industrial era.
Design data is a major resource in the 4th industrial era. Industrial design goes beyond simple aesthetic value and is a holistic product of modern engineering technology.

So, let’s have a quick look at the market size of Industrial Design and CAD. Take a look at the chart below.

According to Wiseguy Reports, the global industrial design market size in 2017 is $470 million, and is expected to reach $6.14 billion (about 7 trillion won) by the end of 2025.

Human senses were most important in the traditional industrial era. However, in modern industries, computer-based, highly precise processing and measurement technologies has arised. With the entry into the 4th industrial era, computers are now greatly influencing traditional industrial designers with their work. In this trend, the role of computers are becoming much more important gradually, becoming indispensable to creators.

As this phenomenon carries on, the value and demand of skilled experts and more sophisticated data will be more important than the existing conventional analog data. According to IDC [3D Printing Report], the global 3D printing market has grown to about 38 trillion won by 2020, which is expected to grow much more in the future.

The growth of the 3D printing market increases the size and demand of the industrial design data market.

In this line, Millimeter is building the ‘Makers Market’ platform which allows access to all users when more design data is accumulated and a reasonable value is paid. There will be harmony among the 4th industry 3D printing, blockchain, and amazing creators.
Creators, people’s creative thoughts, can add speed to the growth of the ‘Makers Market’ and eventually change the world.

Join us in this innovative and fantatsic journey to change the world!

Keep an eye on how we proceed!

For more information, stay tuned for more updates.
There are more to come!

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Millimeter is a drawing CAD NFT production and trading platform project.

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Millimeter is a drawing CAD NFT production and trading platform project.

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