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Creators Welcome!

1 min readMay 26, 2022


Dear Millimeter Community.
Millimeter is expecting creators to be part of our ecosystem.

Millimeter Makers Market thrives for creative ideas and hope for the world to become full of creativity. Data Providers within the Makers Market Platform can help us!

The provider of E-data refers to those who holds data or the copyright of the data. The providers agree to the usage of the data and receive compensation for the data they provide. This leads to the trade of E-data or copyrights on the ‘Makers Market’ platform.

In the future Millimeter plans, even though one does not own the copyright, there will be a system set to support compensation for the secondary design right if the data is converted to data or application data is shared.

A future where creators will be able to prove their own copyright for their ideas, freely share them, and make a world full of creativeness!

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Millimeter is a drawing CAD NFT production and trading platform project.