Millimeter & P2P

Dear Millimeter Community.

Millimeter will provide Makers Market Platform and enable transparent P2P trading for E-data to our users.

How can ‘Safe’ P2P transactions be possible with blockchain technology? Here’s how users can purchase and proceed payments.

If the buyer makes a purchase request/payment, the “[Encrypted Key]” item is blank and the purchase request list is created and placed on the blockchain.

If a user accepts the sale, the encrypted key from the information generated in the blockchain when registering the product is read, and it is decrypted with the seller’s private key, and then encrypted again with the buyer’s public key to fill the empty space.

This “[Encrypted Key]” with filled information is newly recorded on the blockchain. This can only be opened by the buyer who proceeded with the flow mentioned and described above.

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Millimeter is a drawing CAD NFT production and trading platform project.