Millimeter & P2P Transactions

Dear Millimeter Community.

Millimeter will provide Makers Market Platform and enable transparent P2P trading for E-data.

How can ‘Safe’ P2P transactions be possible with blockchain technology?

Today we will go over how simply uploading a file on Makers Market Platform will be safely uploaded and encrypted.

First, when a seller uploads a file through product registration, it is encrypted with the unique symmetric key of the product and uploaded to the IPFS rather than the centralized server.

The symmetric key of the product used in this process, is encrypted with the seller’s public key after conversion, and will be stored in the blockchain.

In conclusion, even though the seller simply registers the product, it is possible to upload as an encrypted file due the list will go through several encryption process and will eventually be placed in the final blockchain based on the Makers Market Platform.

Details of purchase, payment and selling process will be shared in future posts!

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Millimeter is a drawing CAD NFT production and trading platform project.

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Millimeter is a drawing CAD NFT production and trading platform project.

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