Dec 10, 2021

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Millimeter Project X E-Data

Dear Millimeter Community.

It’s already Friday, and we hope each and everyone of you will have a good weekend as well!

As all of you are aware by now, Millimeter is an E-Data project. The strategy for realizing E-data value depends upon high reliability and rapid value diffusion. In line with this, the growth of platform services is expected to accelerate as well.

Through the ‘Makers Market’ platform, users can use E-Data at ease. Users return the value gained from using the data to the first provider. Millimeter Token is at the center of this mutual benefit and communication.

We expect this to increase the value of Millimeter Token used in the market, and open an encryption ecosystem which accumulates engineering and industrial design data, providing and servicing consensus-based valuation.

So, let’s stop by and take a look at what E-Data is here.

Technology means a means that humans can mobilize to solve problems. Engineering and design are the most advanced areas of industrial technology. Blockchain can be used to enable safe exchange transactions, prove rights to creations, and at the same time switching it to data online.

Information recorded in the ledger includes the name of the work created, creator, registration date, initial upload location (path), right holder, and license holder etc. All the recorded information becomes reliable due it cannot be modified or changed. As such, E-data has a new value in the industry.

The figure below shows an example of data which corresponds to E-data.

There is a need for a reliable connection medium between E-data consumers and providers. Millimeter Token will take the role of a reliable connection medium. The key point of blockchain technology is that several nodes have a decentralized form and share the same ledger. Information recorded in the distributed ledger is a mean of ensuring that transactions and rewards are implemented correctly and transparently. Blockchain-based Millimeter Token also supports simplified and rapid exchange by using smart contract technology that is proven according to a contract promised in advance.

As the E-Data ecosystem matures throughout the stage of stabilization, Millimeter Token value of utility will also increase.

With a need for a verifiable platform, the ‘Makers Market’ Platform will be able to protect global users from protecting their own values and copyrights while sharing large amounts of E-Data at a fast speed.

Millimeter will provide a transparent cryptocurrency ecosystem while maintaining a certain order by simultaneously operating centralized DB and decentralized DApp, which is a conference blockchain-based service.

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