Millimeter Provides Millimeter Island, the Metaverse

Dear Millimeter Community
Millimeter has Millimeter Island, our Metaverse to be provided.

Metaverse is still the hype, and let’s see what makes Metaverse so special.

Metaverse” is currently a major buzzword and is leading the hype. Tech, business, and finance areas are using metaverse in their business.

Metaverse is not a new form, and the term has been established around for 30 years, and not just in fictional form.

There are a few factors why suddenly everyone is all interested in metaverse. One will be that some technologies closely associated with future visions of the metaverse have matured dramatically. VR will be a good example.

Another is the blockchain technology. With the rise of NFTs, blockchain has triggered the fast expansion of the metaverse hype. After the huge trend of cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs, and metaverse in 2021, Facebook’s rebranding and its metaverse-focused mission statement clearly shows that the trend is now the new buzzword, Metaverse.

Millimeter follows the hype and hops in to use the buzzing trend Metaverse with E-data.

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