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Dear Millimeter Community

One good data brings up another.
To maximize the impact of data, we will implement strategies for user proliferation and market expansion.

Take a sneak peek into our service strategy!

1. Quantitative Reinforcement.
Provide data sharing reward to increase data retention by preoccupying services.

2. Quality Enhancement.
Provide data evaluation solutions and POS based consensus algorithm, allowing to grade users according to the quality and advancement of provided data, and guaranteeing authority according to contribution with excellent data.

3. Value Realization.
Provide reward for activities, distribution of profits, to promote data transactions and sharing between users and provide proportional compensation accordingly.

4. Accelerate Growth.
Use Pay-Per-View (PPV) Interface to provide Blockchain-type cloud data sharing space, allowing derivation of secondary works within the same grade driver field or through exchanges between heterogeneous fields.

5. Creator’s Authority Protection
Make transaction records to be transparent, use technology to prevent forgery and alteration technology, and issue initial prodction certificate whoch will allow copyright protection of data through blockchain linked to metadata.

Contentized E-data begins with providing a two-way community suitable for bulk services.
Also, increasing data retention is a major key in the early stage of the service. Quantitative reinforcement begins with compensation for data sharing and securing trust in the system that operates it. For data services within the 4th industrial era, it is important to accumulate various data in each fields.

It is important to promote more and more people to pursue their values through the data ecosystem.

Millimeter will do best to make this become a reality.

Stay tuned for more!

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Millimeter is a drawing CAD NFT production and trading platform project.