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1 min readMay 25, 2022


Dear Millimeter Community.

Users and Data consumers are very important.

Millimeter wish to provide E-Data consumers with data full of innovative ideas. E-data’s consumers will be individuals, DApp partners, and institutions participating within the Makers Market Platform. Consumers may request the E-data or copyright they wish and pay MM in order to receive information. Data consumers can use the community to judge the reliability of the data and receive token rewards for their contributions as well.

Users of the Makers Market platform, including data providers and consumers, can manage their wallets, data held, copyrights, and profits through their accounts within the Makers Market Platform. Users will be able to participate in the community, without being worried of personal data leakage, using their accounts in the Makers Market Platform. Through this, evaluation of the value of data and value creation measures will be shared.

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Millimeter is a drawing CAD NFT production and trading platform project.