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Problems and Solutions

Dear Millimeter Community,

We would like to share some more information with you all.

Stay alert for more updates, as more are to come!

Today, we would like to share some current problems, and how we, Millimeter, is trying to solve them.

So, here goes!

As many are aware of, data leakage has been happening frequently, which began to occur as industrialization started.
In 1945, Dr. Fox of the U.S. Atomic Energy Research Institute handed over the detonator blueprint, the core of the atomic bomb, to Soviet spy Harry Gold for $500. At that time, the data handed over were handwritten drawings, not digitized information. Even in the past, when digital data did not exist, data leakage occurred frequently. In a modern society, where most of the data is digitized, though security technology has developed, information leakage has rather increased. Also, technology and data leaks are frequent, regardless of public, private, or military.

In line with this, companies with years of accumulated know-how put more effort into maintaining the security of design and design materials. This was a good choice for the survival of companies and for the preservation of the value of data, but in terms of the overall size of the industrial data market, it served as a barrier that decreased information exchanges with other companies.

This is a problem caused by poor legal value for industrial data. In the design industry, patent applications are particularly difficult and are avoided unless they are large-scale design projects. The reason behind this is that design and design characteristics reflect the latest technology trends, which are believed to decrease in value after a certain period of time.

Considering the patent registration process that takes a very long time, approximately one to two years, instead of legally protecting it, it is preferred to be preserved by securing it in a closed place.
Design patents are difficult to completely protect copyright, due they require different standards from other patent fields . Although the market value and expected effects of the design are large, it is difficult to be recognized for its uniqueness and creativity (originality) since it may encourage the emergence of similar products.

As a result, design, which used to be the flower of the industry, are becoming slightly underrated. Tipping points are now necessary to improve structural problems. The problems we can see is that it is difficult to receive large rewards compared to efforts and achievements.

So, Millimeter is trying to solve this problem, using Blockchain technology.

With a shortage of 2D design and design personnel, demand for 3D modeling is increasing.
Millimeter will provide a wide range of user coverages from Minecraft servers for new-comers and education to their own metaverse world.

Many ideas in design are outside the scope of protection of patent law.
Millimeter will establish a blockchain agreement system to protect copyrights of engineering data, including design.

Also, currently, technical cooperation is hindered due engineering data is distributed to each company and expert, and for a company, it is the reality that monopoly profits are greater than data sharing.

Millimeter will build a cloud system for efficient reclassification and collection of the divided data, and will set up a compensation system for data sharing and reprocessing.

Due all the data is saved and hidden, there are difficulties accessing data for the general public.
Millimeter will allow anyone to be able to participate in the data ecosystem through coins with blockchain networks and cloud services.

As such, Millimeter is planning to provide solutions and we are in preparation.

We believe this will be a big step for a better world, where all creators can freely express their creative thoughts, and be compensated for them.

Join our journey to a world full of creativity!

We have many updates to come!

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