Millimeter’s New Partnership

Galaxy Corporation, Personaspace, IOK Company, DYD, and IDND

2 min readMay 6, 2022


Dear Millimeter Community
Millimeter has another partnership!

With this partnership, the best metaverse avatar company in Korea, an entertainment agency, and an IT company specializing in blockchain have joined hands to establish a joint venture. The name of the established JV (joint venture) is Galaxy Craft Co., Ltd. Galaxy Craft is a company whose main purpose is sub-character including multi-persona and avatar-related business.

This partnership is a new joint venture established by top experts in each field. The sub-character’s IP to implement a Marvel Studio-style business based on a multiverse universe is used too. Mainly, we plan to build a metaverse worldview that goes back and forth between reality and virtual reality, such as broadcasting, music, web dramas, and concert dramas.

The aforementioned multi-persona means “multiple identity”. It means that an individual transforms into a different person depending on the situation and expresses a variety of identities. We plan to contribute to the development of the NFT business promoted by Millimeter. We hope to provide various benefits and services to users through the establishment of this joint venture.

Details of each company will be introduced later on.

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