Millimeter’s Partnership Details

Dear Millimeter Community

Last time we informed that we had a partnership with Galaxy Corporation, Personaspace, IOK Company, DYD, IDND. Today let’s go over what each company does!

1. Galaxy Corporation is a company invested by Naver and Dunamu, and is the best metaverse avatar company in Korea. Implementing a Marvel Studio-type business that creates avatars using celebrity IPs, and converting celebrity IPs into metaverse avatars and using them for broadcasting, music, web dramas, and concerts, etc. there is. Recently, it has signed business agreements with various business sectors such as the life platform and the financial sector, and is actively promoting new growth projects related to the metaverse.

2. Personaspace is a company invested by Naver Z and Dunamu, and specializes in the production of sub-characters such as celebrity avatars and virtual humans, and is listed on the Korean KOSDAQ.

3. IOK Company is an entertainment group that leads Korea’s entertainment agency and K-contents market. With the goal of becoming a global general entertainment company, IOK Company has recently recruited famous writers as well as planning, developing and producing content such as movies and dramas.

4. DYD was established in 1999 and is engaged in development work in all areas of real estate based on the four corporate philosophies of Technology, Will, Challenge, and Passion. Currently, we are increasing the scale through various real estate developments such as new construction for residential and commercial complexes in Singwan-dong, Gongju, and development of Saemangeum tourism and leisure sites and is listed on the Korean KOSDAQ.

5. IDND is an information technology company that develops and operates a platform optimized for engineering and industrial design drawing transaction environments based on blockchain technology.

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