Millimeter’s Plan

Dear Millimeter Community.
We share our plan with DYD and Juns Mab

Millimeter is currently planning to carry out a Metaverse project within the opening of the Pocheon Golf Course in DYD industrial development.

With Metaverse data released, Millimeter will soon open a golf membership service using blockchain.

​This time, the Millimeter team will create a Metaverse with DYD and golf course. This will be added and announced on the millimeter world Metaverse with YouTuber Juns Map, a big YouTuber with 2 million subscribers.

In addition, within the new project, the golf course Metaverse, the land is divided into NFTs for each golf course hole and will be sold to millimeter staking participants.
We are also considering various benefits such as green fee discounts after having a golf course NFT.

Currently, Millimeter is carrying out projects to provide a variety of services by combining blockchain with various projects implemented by DYD as well as Metaverses in the golf course area.

We will try to deliver good news to you all as soon as possible!

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