MOU with DYD!

Dear Millimeter Community,

Today we share some great news!

Millimeter will join hands with the KOSDAQ-listed developer DYD to enter the NFT (non-replaceable token)-based virtual real estate market.

We plan to protect intellectual property rights by making architectural drawings to NFT, while introducing virtual housing on the metaverse platform.

On the 27th, DYD signed a MOU with IDND on the business agreement and stake acquisition to expand the NFT business.

DYD is a KOSDAQ listed company since 2015. DYD Developer discovers and promotes various new urban development projects so that nature and living infrastructure In order to lead the development business culture through the creation of a nature-friendly and human-centered space that reflects the changing lifestyle. DYD Developer also carry out development work in all areas of real estate, including apartments, officetels, commercial facilities, and mixed-use development (MXD).

IDND and DYD agreed to cooperate on mutually related tasks based on the principle of good faith for the successful promotion of the platform business using blockchain-based drawing transactions, etc. and the vitalization of the cosmetics sales business.

Millimeter has a lot to show!

Stay updated, we will bring out more good news in the future!

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Millimeter is a drawing CAD NFT production and trading platform project.