New Investment Attraction

Dear Millimeter Community.

We have a new Update on Xangle!

Through this investment, IDND Co., Ltd., the Millimeter foundation, can solve the problem of sensitive drawing copyright and accumulate more diverse engineering and industrial design data.

IDND plans to upgrade the system and strengthen the security of the data verification solution through the funds invested to secure the growth engine of its subsidiaries. Furthermore, we plan to strengthen the fundamentals of the Metaverse business through cooperation with various partners, and through this, the versatility of Metaverse and Makers Market will be strengthened as well. Also, the platform function will be upgraded, and the dApp reward system will be further upgraded in the near future.

Remember, Millimeter is a Klaytn-based blockchain service. Millimeter is a blockchain-based drawing trading platform and plans to operate Makers Market in the future.

Our Makers Market Platform is really getting ready!

Stay alert on us!

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