Virtual World

Dear Millimeter Community,
Now, it is clear that Virtual World is taking over the real world, and dramatic changes are appearing!

Today, lets take a look at one of the examples!

Digital designer Anthony Authié of Zyva Studio and visualisation artist Charlotte Taylor and have collaborated on an NFT auction of Architoys, a range of capsules containing fantasy architecture projects.

They have created aluminum capsules, size as an AirPods case, which contains a watch-like mechanism that can display a series of digital images of virtual architectural environments. It can also store digital images and data files relating to fantasy projects too.

Anthony Authié stated that the idea was to create a small and precious object that can be exchanged from hand to hand, like Pokémon cards in the playground.

Both Charlotte Taylor and Anthony Authié are leading a new generation of architects and designers existing in a digital space. Clearly, the trend of cryptocurrencies and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) has created more momentum in the market for this type of virtual work.

Digital technology has created a form of architectural liberation.

“Digital has allowed the development of new forms of architecture and allowed us to push the boundaries of the profession without the constraints of gravity, finance and administration,” Authié said.

With the digital technology, imaginations will be a reality, thinking and creating the dreams we all dreamt of is now being possible. And NFTs are the best way of showcasing work and finding new investors for creators, allowing architects and designers to develop concepts that push the boundaries of their profession.

As the demand for 3D printing and drawings increases, the importance of people’s creativity and drawings is being emphasized as well. This will bring dynamic changes to various fields.

With the Makers Market Platform, the changes will be dramatic, and the synergy will be unbelievable.

For more information about the example stated above, check the link below!

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