Why? Blockchain?

Importance of Blockchain

2 min readDec 22, 2021


Dear Millimeter Community.

We know many of you are wondering. Why did Millimeter choose Blockchain?
Today, we would like to share why we did!

With the use of blockchain technology, solutions are proposed to address the risk of information asymmetry and data distortion by broadcasters, and data monopoly by minority companies. The most advanced blockchain technology is applied to share E-data, the future resource.

Closed and centralized data retention eventually leads to unproductive competition.
Engineering data is rapidly being replaced by new technologies, allowing companies and also individuals to mutually produce new values through sharing them rather than keeping them alone. Blockchain can promote creation and development that overtakes the technological development speed, through the decentralized transactions between multiple nodes.
Millimeter aims to establish a sound ecosystem so that anyone can use E-data by applying the decentralization, transparency, dispersibility, and equity of the blockchain to the E-data transaction system. Real time storing and monitoring for all transaction records will be proceeded in order to prevent entities, such as specific countries, companies, and individuals from monopolizing E-data.

Makers Market Platform will be necessary to reduce E-data transaction costs and reduce intermediate distributors to improve transaction performance quality. Millimeter is pushing forward to create a sustainable platform, which many intermediaries are unnecessary, so that the current E-data transaction network can lead more transactions in the future.

Millimeter will expand the global E-data market, which is difficult to enter. Not only large companies but also individuals will be able to trade the original E-data on their own, leading to the dispersion of the market. We would like to create a sound E-data trading system so that even small suppliers or individuals can connect directly to buyers without passing intermediate distributors. This will help users to participate in the revival of the manufacturing industry and allow them to receive compensation with tokens.

As such, the characteristics of blockchain technology can lead to a good change within the industry. Millimeter choose blockchain technology to change the world!

Millimeter’s Makers Market Platform will help creators be creative and make those creative thoughts to become a reality!

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